Betting on Soccer – UEFA Men’s Final -Barcelona vs. Juventus!

With the Euro Soccer Leagues winding down the UEFA Champions League Final is also in schedule for the 6th of June 2015 with Barcelona playing Juventus with the start time for the game scheduled at 2:45 PM ET with the game played in Berlin, Germany.

Yes, the Final is set and there will be no ‘El Classico’ as Juventus traveled to Santiago Bernabeau and upset Real Madrid 1-1 in a draw, but in the aggregate won 3-2 for the two games, and now meet Barcelona in Berlin for the Title.

These two teams are the blue bloods of Europe, with Juventus the Italian team with the most success, and Barcelona the team that thinks of itself as more than just a club, but finalists in this UEFA Champions League Tournament. Both teams have different views and vantage points in this final.

It was just 9 years ago and Juventus was playing the Italian Serie B with players like Marchisio and Chiellini and now playing in the Italian Serie A they are here at the Champions League Final. The team has players that have had a taste of the bottom and the top of Italian Soccer Leagues.

The Barcelona team was the Euro Champions in 2006-07 with Messi, Iniesta and Xavi, and now this will be Barcelona’s 3rd trip to the Finals as they won the title back in 2009 and 2011, and their fans feel like they should have won the title in 2010 and 2012 for their 5th title.

However, in Germany there seems to be no question that will be the favorite, yes Barcelona, while Juventus will take the roll of the gate crasher, in this European Soccer’s biggest game.

The Barcelona team will field what may be one of soccer’s greatest attacking offenses with the trio on Neymar, Suarez and Mess who have combined for 121 goals this season in all games. They are a team that is accustomed to winning, and a team that is not the least bit phased by the size at atmosphere surrounding this competition. Some think if the Barcelona team has troubles it will be with their newcomers of Suarez, Rakitic and Stegen, but the truth is their addition to the team has been incredibly successful.

The Italian Juventus team is made up of a combo of veterans and a couple of talented youngsters from other teams in Pogba and Morata. The team has won a lot of domestic title as several players are at the top if European Soccer. Several teammates have played in past Champions League Finals like Evra, Tevez, Pirlo, Morata and Buffon. The main difference is they were not on this Juventus team when they had those experiences, but with other European teams.

If you’re an avid fan, and Bet on Soccer at an Online Sportsbook, remember these tournaments can be the beginning and the end for some of the participants, and in different ways. For example the Barcelona team will more than likely continue as a unit, where the Juventus team will have many changes, like Real Madrid has a option to buy back Morata. Then Pogba is already as hot commodity in this summer’s transfer market and for Juventus to keep in could prove to be a difficult task. Then their players are aging with Buffon 38, Pirio 35, Evra 33 and Lichtsteiner 31, thus the team should be seeking younger players to refresh their roster.

Thus it’s the Champions League Final, and is Barcelona too much for the Italian giants this 2015? Watch and see!

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