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Soccer Betting – UEFA Champions League Round of 16

We are halfway through the first leg of the Round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League , with all of the favorites emerging victorious last week. Real Madrid bested Roma 2-0 in the only game decided by more than one goal. Paris SG, Benfica, and Wolfsburg were the other victors, with those four clubs now having a better chance of advancing heading into the second leg, which takes place the second week of March.

There are four more first-leg matches, with two games being played on Tuesday, February 23rd and two more the following day on Wednesday, February 24th. The two teams pegged by the online sportsbooks to win it all are both in action Tuesday.

The Big Favorite

Barcelona is a +200 favorite to win it all, and they are a big -165 choice to beat Arsenal, who is returning a hefty 4:1 payout with a big upset. Even a draw would be a surprise, returning a 3:1 payday, and combined with an over/under of 3 goals, the best sportsbook pay per head are looking for the tournament favorite to win this one in convincing fashion.

After Barcelona, Bayern Munich is the next choice to win it all, returning a +225 payout. But unlike Barcelona, the FCB has a much tougher task on Tuesday. The online sportsbooks do list Bayern Munich as the favorite, but with a +150 return for a victory while Juventus will net a +195 payday for the win. Juventus will be playing on their home field, and if Bayern Munich can even earn a draw it would be considered a favorable result. The draw is returning the best payday on the board at +215 – an attractive wager considering the stakes.

Both favorites are obviously expected to advance to the next round, and are laying heavy odds to do so. Barcelona is -500 to advance, while Bayern Munich is -400. Remember, in moneyline wagering, you have to lay that number (in dollars) to win $100, so backing Barcelona to advance to the next round means you would have to wager $500 in order to win $100.

Manchester City will likely be the English Premier League’s best chance to send a team through to the next round, as City is a big -500 favorite to advance. They are also a +115 favorite to best Dynamo Kiev on Wednesday (+235 payouts for the Ukraine team to upset as well as +235 for a draw). Manchester City is a +950 longshot to win the tournament – far better than EPL counterparts Arsenal (28:1) and Chelsea (23:1).
The other match being played on Wednesday pits Athletico Madrid against PSV Eindhoven, with the Spanish side a hefty -130 choice to emerge victorious. Athletic Madrid shares an identical +950 future payout with Manchester City for their tournament future odds. If the Netherlands side can pull the upset they will return a +375 payout (draw pays +230).

We’ll be back to preview the second leg of the Champions League Tournament in a few weeks.


MLB – 2nd Half Begins – Twins vs. Athletics!

With the 2015 MLB season ending the first half with the All-Star Game on Tuesday the 14th of July, then the 2nd half of the season gets underway, and on Friday the 17th of July 2015 we will see the Twins of Minnesota playing the Athletics of Oakland, with the game being played at the Oakland County Coliseum in Oakland, California, and the game time is 10:05 PM ET.

At the end of the 1st half of the season the Twins finished with 49 wins and 40 losses and that put them just 4 ½ games behind the 1st place in the AL Central the Royals of Kansas City as on Sunday they beat the Tigers of Detroit.

If you Bet on baseball and are a fan of the Minnesota Twins, your twin finished the 1st half of the season with an impressive win over the Detroit 7-1 this past Sunday the 12th of July 2015.  Then they start the 2nd half of the season on Friday playing the Athletics of Oakland with 41 wins and 50 losses in the 1st game of a 3 game series. In that game against the Tigers M. Sano hit a 2 run homerun and K. Gibson was strong on the mound for the Twins in their 3rd straight victory.

Seeking to continue their win streak, the twins will start E. Santana who is 0-0 and with an ERA of 6.00.  After an 80 game suspension for drug abuse, Santana will start his 3rd game this season. In his last start against the Tigers he was pounded for 8 hits and 6 runs in 4 innings of pitching, but the Twins still managed to win that game 8-6.

But to win this game the Twins must step up and improve their hitting as presently they are 10th in MLB with 363 RBI’s and they look to B. Dozier to continue his lead, as in his career against Oakland he is averaging .400 and he leads the Twins for homers with 19 to date and has some 50 RBI’s to date.  In the last 10 road games for the Twins they are with 4 wins and 6 losses.

For the fans of the Athletics of Oakland your team upped their unbeaten streak to 2 games with their win over Cleveland this past Sunday 2-0. Their pitcher S. Gray now has an ERA of 2.04 and has 10 wins with only 3 losses. In that game with Cleveland he allowed 2 hits on his shutout, which is his 3rd in his career.

Seeking to continue their win streak the Athletics would like to win over the Twins this coming Friday, as they start S. Gray in that game. In his 2 starts against Oakland Gray has 2 win with 0 losses and an ERA of 5.40. In the last five games that Gray started for Oakland they won 4 of those 5 games.

Oakland will be looking for S. Vogt to lead the offensive charge as he has been hot as he leads Oakland with homers at 14 and in RBI’s with 56. In their game against Cleveland Vogt hit the homer that scored 2 runs to win the game for Oakland at 2-0.  In the Athletics last 10 games at home they have 4 wins and 6 losses.

The experts predict that Oakland will be the Twins 4-2 while playing on home turf.

MLB ALL-STAR Betting Preview

The 2015 MLB All-Star game is right around the corner which means that the 1st half of the 2015 MLB Season coming to an end. July 14, 2015 is the date set for the All-Star Game so let’s take a look at how the voting for the players turned out.

The first thing that the MLB Betting Sportsook noticed is that the Kansas City Royals have 4 starters on the roster, and J. Donaldson of the American League lead all players getting the most votes for the 2015 MLB All-Star Game with 14 million votes.

That is some tally of votes for one player, and that sets a new record for a single season, while B. Harper of the National League with just fewer than 14 million votes.

The voters chose nine American League players, and eight National League players and all by votes of the fans. The fans elected all starting players for both teams except the reserve players, designated hitters and starting pitchers. The rest of the players will be selected by National League Manager B. Bochy and American League Manager N. Yost.

The starters were announced on the 6th of July 2015 while the reserves were announced on Monday night the 7th of July on the ESPN show for selections. The total number for each team’s roster is 34 players. Those players will be determined by the managers and players themselves.

In all, the players elect nine NL players for their team, and the AL players elect some eight players for their team along with 5 starters and 3 relief pitchers. If you’re wondering why the NL has 9 starters and the AL has just 8 starters, that’s because the AL uses a designated hitter.

Then the Managers complete the rest of the rosters with the exception of 1 spot the 34th player for each team, and that will be again selected by a 2nd online vote by the fans, and that is from a pool of five players completed by the managers after which all 33 players for each team has been presented.

Two of the present selected starters are injured as Marlins right fielder G. Stanton with a hand injury and the Tigers 1st baseman M. Cabrera with a left calf injury. Their replacements will be selected by their managers. Injured players are allowed to participate in the ceremonies and their status as an All-Star for 2015 will not change.

So let’s take a look at the Starters:

For the American League:

  • Catcher – from the Royals – S. Perez
  • 1st Baseman – from the Tigers – M. Cabrera
  • 2nd Baseman – from the Astros – J. Altuve
  • Shortstop – from the Royals – A. Escobar
  • 3rd Baseman – from the Blue Jays – J. Donaldson
  • Outfielder – from the Angeles – M. Trout
  • Outfielder – from the Royals – L. Cain
  • Outfielder – from the Royals – A. Gordon
  • Designated Hitter – from the Mariners – N. Cruz

For the National League    

  • Catcher – from the Giants – B. Posey
  • 1st Baseman – from the Diamondbacks – P. Goldschmidt
  • 2nd Baseman – from the Marlins – D. Gordon
  • Shortstop – from the Cardinals – J. Peralta
  • 3rd Baseman – from the Reds – T. Frazier
  • Outfielder – from the Nationals – B. Harper
  • Outfielder – from the Cardinals – M. Holiday
  • Outfielder – from the Marlins – G. Stanton

If you are one to Bet on MLB and are looking for a great online sportsbook experience, remember the injured starting players selected for this 2015 All-Star game will be replaced by the perspective managers.

Meanwhile get ready for the game on the Tuesday the 14th of July 2015 at 7 PM ET at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Bet on MLS Soccer – Revolution vs, D.C. United!

With those that Bet on Soccer at an Online Sportsbook, especially the U.S. MLS Soccer teams, you surely are interested in betting on this upcoming game between the Revolution of New England playing at the United of D.C. on Saturday the 23rd of May 2015.

That is Week 12 of the MLS Season and Game #114. The game is scheduled to be played in the Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts with game time at 7:30 PM ET and Seen on MLS Live! At the time of this article there were no Las Vegas Odds available.
The New England Revolution team recently increased their home streak of undefeated games in league play to some 14 games, and that is a new club record. They had a draw in their game with Toronto FC, but in their Gillette Stadium they are unbeaten in their last 16 home games, dating back to July 30th 2014 and that includes all competitions. When preparing this preview the Revolution had a game scheduled for the 20th of May in Kansas with Sporting KC and KC was favored on the Money Line at +125 and the Revolution was +235 on the Money Line.
On the other side the United of D.C. had an 8 game undefeated streak going, and saw that streak end when in quick fashion, as the Philadelphia Union team scored a single goal as the game was deep in stoppage timing to take a victory last Sunday night at the PPL Park. That streak for United was their 5th longest undefeated stretch in the franchise history, and since back in 2007 it was the longest winning streak.
Last year in this series for United and the Revolution, each of the teams won their home game. D.C. United on the 5th of April took a 2-0 win over the Revolution at the RFK Stadium, while the Revolution on the 24th of May won their home game against D.C. 2-1 at the Gillette Stadium of the New England Revolution in Foxboro, Massachusetts.
In the teams All-Time series of games, the United of D.C. are leading the series with some 29 wins, while the New England Revolution had 26 wins and 9 draws in that series. In the MLS Cup playoff games D.C. United won 2 of the 3 All-Time series.
Taking a look at the two teams head to head, they have played a total of 31 games thru 2014. In the win column the Revolution has 15 wins to United’s 10 wins, thus United had 15 losses and the Revolution 10 losses with each team having 6 draws. Both teams have managed in all games to score a total of 1.4 goals per game each for the 31 games or an aggregate total of 2.8 goals per game for the series.

Bet on the NBA Finals

Betting on Soccer – UEFA Men’s Final -Barcelona vs. Juventus!

With the Euro Soccer Leagues winding down the UEFA Champions League Final is also in schedule for the 6th of June 2015 with Barcelona playing Juventus with the start time for the game scheduled at 2:45 PM ET with the game played in Berlin, Germany.

Yes, the Final is set and there will be no ‘El Classico’ as Juventus traveled to Santiago Bernabeau and upset Real Madrid 1-1 in a draw, but in the aggregate won 3-2 for the two games, and now meet Barcelona in Berlin for the Title.

These two teams are the blue bloods of Europe, with Juventus the Italian team with the most success, and Barcelona the team that thinks of itself as more than just a club, but finalists in this UEFA Champions League Tournament. Both teams have different views and vantage points in this final.

It was just 9 years ago and Juventus was playing the Italian Serie B with players like Marchisio and Chiellini and now playing in the Italian Serie A they are here at the Champions League Final. The team has players that have had a taste of the bottom and the top of Italian Soccer Leagues.

The Barcelona team was the Euro Champions in 2006-07 with Messi, Iniesta and Xavi, and now this will be Barcelona’s 3rd trip to the Finals as they won the title back in 2009 and 2011, and their fans feel like they should have won the title in 2010 and 2012 for their 5th title.

However, in Germany there seems to be no question that will be the favorite, yes Barcelona, while Juventus will take the roll of the gate crasher, in this European Soccer’s biggest game.

The Barcelona team will field what may be one of soccer’s greatest attacking offenses with the trio on Neymar, Suarez and Mess who have combined for 121 goals this season in all games. They are a team that is accustomed to winning, and a team that is not the least bit phased by the size at atmosphere surrounding this competition. Some think if the Barcelona team has troubles it will be with their newcomers of Suarez, Rakitic and Stegen, but the truth is their addition to the team has been incredibly successful.

The Italian Juventus team is made up of a combo of veterans and a couple of talented youngsters from other teams in Pogba and Morata. The team has won a lot of domestic title as several players are at the top if European Soccer. Several teammates have played in past Champions League Finals like Evra, Tevez, Pirlo, Morata and Buffon. The main difference is they were not on this Juventus team when they had those experiences, but with other European teams.

If you’re an avid fan, and Bet on Soccer at an Online Sportsbook, remember these tournaments can be the beginning and the end for some of the participants, and in different ways. For example the Barcelona team will more than likely continue as a unit, where the Juventus team will have many changes, like Real Madrid has a option to buy back Morata. Then Pogba is already as hot commodity in this summer’s transfer market and for Juventus to keep in could prove to be a difficult task. Then their players are aging with Buffon 38, Pirio 35, Evra 33 and Lichtsteiner 31, thus the team should be seeking younger players to refresh their roster.

Thus it’s the Champions League Final, and is Barcelona too much for the Italian giants this 2015? Watch and see!

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Bet on the NBA Play Off Game 6 – Hawks at Wizards!

With the 2015 NBA Playoffs for the Eastern Conference winding down in the 2nd Round to Game 6, with the No. 1 seed Hawks of Atlanta playing at the No. 5 seed Wizards of Washington, D.C. and the Hawks leading the Series at 3-2. The game is played on Friday the 15th of May 2015 at 7:10 PM ET and seen on ESPN TV.

The Vegas odds makers are favoring in this 6th Game on Friday the Wizards of D.C. at home, at -2 ½ with the Total at 197 and -145 on the Money Line, while the Hawks of Atlanta are at +2 ½ and +125 on the Money Line. After this 6th Game, the 7th and Final Game, if need will be played on Tuesday the 18th of May at 8:10 PM ET with the Wizards at Atlanta.

Reviewing the 5 previous games of this 7 Game Series, the 1st Game was played on the 3rd of May in Atlanta and the Wizards beat the Hawks by 6 points 104-98. Then the 2nd Game also in Atlanta was played on May 5th and won by the Hawks by 16 points 106-90 and the series was tied 1-1. The 3rd Game was played in D.C. on the 9th of May and the Wizards beat the Hawks by 2 points 103-101and took a 2-1 series lead. On May 11th the 4th Game was played also in D.C. as the Hawks on the road beat the Wizards by 5 points 106-101 and tied the series at 2-2. Then on Wednesday the 13th of May the 5th Game was played in Atlanta and the Hawks beat the Wizards by 1 point at 82-81 and took a 3-2 series lead as they come into the 6th crucial game on Friday night as the Hawks are now just 1 win away from the Eastern Conference Finals.

If you are a Hawks of Atlanta fan and you Bet on NBA at a Sportsbook or online at, surely you’re aware the Hawks team has 4 All-Stars on their roster this season. Having said that, from game to game it often hard to see a star, but in the 5th game their star A. Horford came to life, and was the star that the Hawks real needs in these final crucial playoff games. He happens to be the guy that took the rebound off the offensive board and scored the go ahead points in that game. Plus he made 5 blocks, had 11 rebounds and scored 23 points in their win. And let’s not forget about their defensive efforts in that 5th Game in which the team made 13 blocks, had 11 steals in the game, and held the Wizard to shooting a mere 37% on their field goals. In the Hawks past 10 games against the Wizards they are 6 and 3 and 1 against the spread.

Meanwhile, for the Wizard fans were amazed that one of their stars P. Pierce made a 3-pointer with just 8.2 seconds left in the Game bringing the Wizard to an 81 to 80 lead. Then the Hawks came back and A. Horford won the game for Atlanta connecting for 2 points and the 82-81 wins over the Wizards.

The Washington team as well as the Hawks had a rough time connecting on their 3-pointers. In the Wizard are going to win this Game 6, they will need better performances out of the deep shooters in Beal, Pierce, Wall and Bradley. With Wall no back in the lineup the Wizards should be able to come alive and at least win this game 6 and tie the series. The Washington Wizards in their last overall 10 games, they are 8 and 2 against the Spread.

The media experts expect Wall to display his talents to his home fans in this 6th game, as the Wizards will beat the Hawks 108 to 102 and tie the Series at 3-3 and the playoff will return to Atlanta for the Final 7th Game.

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Mayweather calls Pacquiao a Coward and does not want a Rematch

Floyd Mayweather just gave his first interview since he defeated Manny Pacquiao in what was dubbed the “fight of the century”, and told Jim Gray from Showtime that he is no longer interested in having a rematch with Pacquiao.

At first, Mayweather had said that he would fight him again but later changed his mind saying that “At this particular time, no, because he’s a sore loser and he’s a coward.”

Mayweather calls Pacquiao a coward saying that Pacquiao used an injury to his right shoulder as an excuse for losing the fight.  Mayweather does not buy the injury excuse saying that he did not see any signs that Pacquiao was injured at all.

His thinking is that “If you lost, accept the loss and say, “Mayweather, you were the better fighter…”