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How to Bet on the Belmont Stakes

Belmont Stakes Betting Tutorial

How to bet on the Belmont stakesSo if you’re and newbie and want to Bet on Horse Racing, the first thing one needs to do when considering betting on horse racing, like the Belmont stakes is to pick the horse you wish to bet on.

There are a lot of resources that can assist you to picking a winner.

For example the Daily Racing Form that is available at the track or online, and it provides information on each horse’s most recent 10 races for that particular day.

The past performance actually will tell you how each of the horses likes to run throughout a race, and if they like muddy tracks, and how their training programs have progressed, and many more details. Also, at each track they have their own program for each day and they provide similar information.

Belmont Stakes Betting TutorialThen one need to know the stars as the trainers and jockeys can have a great influence on the performance of each horse.

Thus choosing a winner, on some occasions can simply be as easy as choosing a horse with successful humans connected to them. In the State of New York there are many active legendary jockeys, trainers and horsemen who daily compete at the racetracks in N.Y.

Check out what the experts have to say, like public handicappers, and those that work for the racetracks and racing publication around the country, as they are person that make a living with their knowledge and ability to understand the past performances of horses and how they can pick winners from the field.

In New York the selections are offered online in the Post Parade program. The each and every race day the track experts break down the races on the daily Talking Horses programs, which are available via the NYRA TV, as well as online. Also, remember horse racing fans absolutely love to share their information and knowledge, or lack of, to the newcomers to the track, and do not hesitate to ask.

Next one has to decide what type of Bet they want to make.

The EASY types of horse bets are:

  • Win – here you horse has to win
  • Place – in this case your horse must finish first or second, Show – here your pick must finish 1st. 2nd or 3rd
  • Across the Board – this is separate win, place & show bets of the same equal amounts on the same horse.

In these types of bets the minimum bet is $1, and the across the board would cost $3 since it consists of 3 separate bets.

The MEDIUM types of Horse bets are:

  • Exacta – where one has to pick the 1st two horses in the exact order.
  • Quinella – one must pick the 1st two horse in whatever order.
  • Trifecta – here you pick the 1st three horses in exact order.
  • Daily Double – you pick the winners of 2 consecutive races.

The minimum bet for these are also $1.

The HARD types of bets are:

  • Superfectas – you pick the 1st four horses in exact order
  • Gran Slam – you pick a horse to finish in the top three in three consecutive races and that capped by the winner of the 4th race in order. When there is no show betting in 1 of the 1st three legs, the horse will have to come in 2nd
  • Pick 3 – you pick the winners of 3 straight races
  • Pick 4 – you pick the winner of 4 straight races.
  • Pick 6 – you must pick the winners of 6 straight races. The minimum bet for the Grand slam and the pick 3 is $1.

Smaller bets can be made on Superfectas, where 10¢ is the minimum, and Pick Fours, which can be bet for 50¢. The minimum bet for a Pick 6 is $2.

Now it time to make your bet, and no matter what bet you making the format is basically the same at the betting window at the track or online.

You give the teller the following information in this order:

  1. Track name,
  2. the race,
  3. amount to bet,
  4. Bet type, and
  5. Horses number.

Some examples would be:

Example 1 – Win Bet

Belmont, race one, two dollars to win on the five.

Example 2 – Exacta Bet

Belmont, race one, one dollar exacta box on the two and five.

Example 3 – Daily Double Bet

Belmont, race one, two dollar double on the two and five with the one and four.

You can get more knowledge about the horse betting by checking out this sports betting glossary where most gambling terms are defined.

Also, at the track one can bet at the self-service terminals throughout the Belmont racetrack, and if you care to, you can bet by phone, on your mobile device or online, but you need to sign up for a NYRA Rewards account at the service booths around our track facility.

Ok so you bet and got a winner, now what? Just take your ticket back to the payout windows to cash in! Your winning payout amount will be based on how much was bet on each horse in that race you bet on. The reason being, that betting on horse racing uses a pari-mutuel wagering system.

The odds can change solely on how bets are place. The odds “morning line” which are those odds displayed in the day’s program, are the expert analysis of what the odds are likely to be at race post time. While the track extracts a % of all bets made, the racetrack has absolutely no interest in who win the race. The “takeout” funds the state, organization, and racing itself.

Unlike other forms of betting where “the house always wins,” we’re thrilled when you win! Please take note that NYRA can only pay off on winning wagers in accordance with the relevant complete betting rules of the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) codified at 9(e) NYCRR.

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