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AAF Wants Kaepernick to Play in the League

The Alliance of American Football tried to get top quarterbacks to join the league. However, it seems Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick are not interested in playing in the new league. Although the AAF wants Kaepernick, the controversial QB wanted an expensive contract.

According to co-founder Bill Polian, they reached out to both Tebow and Kaepernick about playing for the AFF. In fact, there were sports betting reports that Kaepernick asked for $20 million.

Players have a uniform three-year, $250,000 contract with the AAF. As a result, Kaepernick’s demand is out of the question. On the other hand, Polian contacted Tebow but he declined the offer. According to reports, Tebow wanted to focus on his baseball career. At present, Tebow is part of the New York Mets minor league team.

AAF Wants Kaepernick and Tebow

AAF Wants Kaepernick to Play in the LeagueAfter opting out of his last year with the 49ers in 2016, Kaepernick hasn’t played football. Although the NFL is lacking top-class quarterbacks, he hasn’t signed a contract with any team after his controversial protests on-field.

Kaepernick is a good addition to any team. He has a 90.7 QB rating. In addition, he threw 2,241 yards with 16 TDs and four interceptions in his last season with the 49ers. Also, he carried the ball for 468 yards with two TDs.

It could have been a good opportunity for the AAF to get Kaepernick or Tebow. During its first weekend, the AAF got good ratings. In fact, the games had more viewers than the game between the OKC Thunder and Houston Rockets.

While it had a successful inaugural weekend, some sports betting software providers are still skeptical about its long-term success. Only time can tell whether the AFF can attract more football fans during the NFL’s off-season. It will also have more competition once the XFL returns in 2020.


Soccer Betting – UEFA Champions League Round of 16

We are halfway through the first leg of the Round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League , with all of the favorites emerging victorious last week. Real Madrid bested Roma 2-0 in the only game decided by more than one goal. Paris SG, Benfica, and Wolfsburg were the other victors, with those four clubs now having a better chance of advancing heading into the second leg, which takes place the second week of March.

There are four more first-leg matches, with two games being played on Tuesday, February 23rd and two more the following day on Wednesday, February 24th. The two teams pegged by the online sportsbooks to win it all are both in action Tuesday.

The Big Favorite

Barcelona is a +200 favorite to win it all, and they are a big -165 choice to beat Arsenal, who is returning a hefty 4:1 payout with a big upset. Even a draw would be a surprise, returning a 3:1 payday, and combined with an over/under of 3 goals, the best sportsbook pay per head are looking for the tournament favorite to win this one in convincing fashion.

After Barcelona, Bayern Munich is the next choice to win it all, returning a +225 payout. But unlike Barcelona, the FCB has a much tougher task on Tuesday. The online sportsbooks do list Bayern Munich as the favorite, but with a +150 return for a victory while Juventus will net a +195 payday for the win. Juventus will be playing on their home field, and if Bayern Munich can even earn a draw it would be considered a favorable result. The draw is returning the best payday on the board at +215 – an attractive wager considering the stakes.

Both favorites are obviously expected to advance to the next round, and are laying heavy odds to do so. Barcelona is -500 to advance, while Bayern Munich is -400. Remember, in moneyline wagering, you have to lay that number (in dollars) to win $100, so backing Barcelona to advance to the next round means you would have to wager $500 in order to win $100.

Manchester City will likely be the English Premier League’s best chance to send a team through to the next round, as City is a big -500 favorite to advance. They are also a +115 favorite to best Dynamo Kiev on Wednesday (+235 payouts for the Ukraine team to upset as well as +235 for a draw). Manchester City is a +950 longshot to win the tournament – far better than EPL counterparts Arsenal (28:1) and Chelsea (23:1).
The other match being played on Wednesday pits Athletico Madrid against PSV Eindhoven, with the Spanish side a hefty -130 choice to emerge victorious. Athletic Madrid shares an identical +950 future payout with Manchester City for their tournament future odds. If the Netherlands side can pull the upset they will return a +375 payout (draw pays +230).

We’ll be back to preview the second leg of the Champions League Tournament in a few weeks.