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The Basic Idea on How to Bet on Sports

The numbers in sports betting can be confusing, but don’t allow that, and just learn the basic which we will preview here on the major sports and bet types. Auto Racing and betting on same has become very popular as of late and is still expanding.
Betting on AUTO RACING is very like betting on Golf, and that entails the basic wager which is to pick the winner of a golf match, or the winner of an Auto Race. In Auto Racing the books usually provide the odds on several (up to 20 and the field) drivers in the races and several various odds. They also have match ups that pairs of drivers are driving against each other with each having a betting line. The best finish in that case wins. Betting lines for Auto Racing are normally listed under NASCAR, Formula 1 or other open wheeled events.
In BASEBALL you simply ask for the number of the team and place a bet with the amount you desire to bet. Odds on Baseball are 1st given on the Money Line, then the Over/under for the game, and the run line which varies as to who’s the favorite normally being a -1 ½ on the favorite a + 1 ½ on the underdog.

Also one can ask for action or listed pitcher, in which action does not pertain to who is pitching, whereby listed pitchers means if you take that option with pitcher versus team, or team versus the named pitcher, those pitchers must start the game or you have no action or no bet. One can choose to bet on the Money line, totals or run line. Normally all books have rules regarding the various types of bets in all sports, so be sure and check their rules before wagering.
When wagering on BASKETBALL you can bet on the point line, the totals and/ or the Money line. The point spread is a line with the odds that are given to and to win your team must cover or win by a predetermined point margin. Bet aware that point spreads and all odds on wagering change from the time 1st posted until the game actually begins.
Remember that in all sports betting there are various types of wagers that we will preview in other articles like straight wagers, parlays, teasers, round robins, reverses and if-bets. Here in this preview we present the basics for the most favorite sports in sports betting.
In betting on BOXING the normal bet is telling the book who you wish to bet on and the amount and they will tell you the line which is a Money Line , here again the favorite is always a minus (–) and the underdog is a plus (+).
If you care to Bet on FOOTBALL you can make a straight bet which is the more common type of football betting with the point spread, and the bet is to cover the spread, and the team have to win by the points allotted to each team by the odds makers. Remember the points in a game are constantly changing which is determined by the amounts of money that are bet on a particular team or their opponent.
Then you have the over/under or totals bet and one bets whether the total points scored in a game will be over or under that total listed for the team or teams. Then there is the Money line bet which allows one to select their choice regardless of the point spread and a minus (-) indicates the favorite and the plus (+) indicates the underdog in the game.
The sports of basketball and football primarily have teaser bets, which allow the bettor to add an allotted number of points to the point spread with reduced odds. Teasing is accomplished by adding the allotted points to the underdog or subtracting the same amount of allotted points from the favorite. The points allotted in Teasers can vary from sportbook to sportbook.
Betting on GOLF is a fast growing wagering sport and is much like Auto racing in that you need to pick a winner of the tournament of the 30 plus golfers plus the field with several options and different odds, and then they also normally offer matchups, which are similar to match-ups in Auto racing.
In betting on HOCKEY there are several options which is the famed money line, the goal line and the totals. The Money Line is the same in all sports normally, as is the totals-over/under as well as the Goal Line which is similar to the run line in baseball.
Betting on HORSE RACING is a book of its own and in another review we will detail all the various types of wagers for horses. The basic bets are bets to win, place (2nd) or show (meaning 3rd place). Remember all sportsbook cover a large variety of national and international race tracks so it’s important to know the track were the horse is running you car to bet on.
For those of you whom Bet on Sports at an Online sportbook be aware that there are also Future Bets and Proposition Bets that will be reviewed in another article summarizes all the various types, and title bets in the marketplace.